Thursday, 24 March 2011

Trusting self-signed certificates

Yesterday I worked on a task that involved changing user password in Active Directory. Changing users pasword in AD requires secure connection (636 port) and self signed certificate was used (it was a test machine after all). I knew that Java won't accept that certificate, but was surprised that even Luma didn't accept the certificate, hence started looking over google to find a solution. Surprisingly nothing came out. There were tons of materials describing how to create a self signed certificate, but nothing how to accept one. After a couple of hours I remembered that one internal project documentation described the thing i needed. Steps:

  1. openssl s_client -connect
  2. Copy the certificate (everything between lines 'begin certificate' and 'end certificate' including both lines)in file (e.g. ad-example-com.cert)
  3. keytool -import -alias ad-example-com -file ad-example-com.cert -keystore ad-example-com.keystore
  4. Add certificate and keystore file to Luma (in server configuration view) and now you should be able connect to AD without problems...

In order to connect to AD using Java and accept SSL connection, use see this blog entry (by Andreas Sterbenz). InstallCert java file attached to his blog post is very easy to use in order to create jssecacerts file which can be copied to $JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/security in order to accept the self signed certificate.

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